It’s a Dog’s Life: My Personal Journal

It may be a dog’s life, but we live it to the “Max” every single day.


WellHC Lookout 2

This territory of Gravel-Roads is more about my personal ongoing, goings-on, going forward.

You’ll find it, well, more personal.

Maxwell Jeffrey and Heidi Claire — the mascots on the banner page — are for reals, and have to be just about the happiest puppies on the planet.

Their joy is reflective of my devotion to all things

heart-felt and heart-left;

better and not-so-much;

trust and betrayal;

creative yet crated;

need I go on?

Please check back in IV Q 2015 for the first post.

Until then . . . .

I’m Sure Glad the Army isn’t in the Navy

We Stand on Guard for Thee


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