Drive It or Park It

Vintage Mallard Duck Made in Japan 2 Cropped

Wind ‘n Watch

Date stamp, 2014. How do I convey the joy that comes from winding and waiting and watching and then re-winding a wind-up toy, circa 1950, then repeating the cycle at least another half dozen times? Beats...

Eaton's Gingham Housedress

Gingham Styles, Part I

Not to be confused with Gangnam Style. What’s trendy in women’s fashion for 2015? Gingham. What was trendy for women’s fashion in the 1940’s, ’50s and ’60s? Gingham. Gingham was everywhere. At work, and play. Just...

Putin and the Rabbis

Putin and the Rabbis

When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union tens of thousands of Ukrainians (particularly from western Ukraine or Galicia) flocked to his banner in their eagerness to throw off the Soviet yoke. Over the next couple...

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