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Putin and the Rabbis

Putin and the Rabbis

When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union tens of thousands of Ukrainians (particularly from western Ukraine or Galicia) flocked to his banner in their eagerness to throw off the Soviet yoke. Over the next couple...

My Heart Breaks

Private Zoos

This link takes you to a New York Times feed on the situation in eastern Europe. It is interminable and not many of you will want to watch all of it, but please watch...


Jesus Wept

I grieve for Ukraine, I can’t see any way that that country can come out of the current crisis even, let alone ahead. Some of you may recall that in my very first post on...

Streets of Odessa, Ukraine.

Geo-Politically Ugly

David, I’ve certainly never seen anyone contemplating an invasion of Russia/Ukraine up the east coast of the Black Sea – that would indeed be monumentally stupid. But it would be a relatively simple operation...

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