Neighbor to Neighbour

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The 49th parallel is the longest international border in the world.

It functions much like a permeable membrane.

Surrendering to the seepage of symbiotic similarities; resisting the infiltration of undeniable differences.

Neighbor to neighbour.

Many such examples are chronicled in the pages and posts which follow.

This clip from CGP Grey illustrates the political origins of the 49th parallel with precision, alacrity and much-needed, lilt.

Neighbor to Neighbour

Barbara Walters meet Barbara Frum

Germaine Greer meet Sister Sophronia, SSMI

Ruth Bader Ginsubrg meet Raynell Andreychuk

Barbra Streisand meet Nana Mouskouri

Thanksgiving meet Thanksgiving

King Elvis meet Queen Liz


Howard Cosell meet Foster Hewitt

Everyone meet Allan Fotheringham

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In meet Wayne and Shuster

TIME Magazine meet Macleans Magazine

Mr. Rogers meet Mr. Dressup

Claus von Bulow meet Prince Charles

Clearwater, Florida meet Clearwater, British Columbia

NFL meet CFL

Black Christmas meet Boxing Day

Capitol Hill meet Parliament Hill


City of Miami, Florida meet the Miami Indian Tribe, Ontario, Canada

Melting Pot meet Multiculturalism

Imperial meet Metric

Farenheit meet Celsius

Ottawa, Illinois and Kansas meet Ottawa, Ontario

Immigration meet Emigration

Republicans meet TBA

Democratic Party meet the New Democrats

Indian Casino meet Indian Casino

What’s My Line? meet Front Page Challenge

Lawrence Welk meet John Messer

Grand Ole Opry meet Tommy Hunter

American Civil War meet Confederation

Chelsea Victoria Clinton meet Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Comcast Corporation meet Rogers Communications

Edyoution meet Education

Hollywood South meet Hollywood North

Webster’s Dictionary meet the Oxford

Perry Como meet Hank Snow

ZIP Code meet Postal Code

Kiev meet Kyiv

M & M’s meet Smarties

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